(the “Campaign”)

Rules for Westburne’s Loyalty Campaign (the “Terms and Conditions” or “Rules”)

Rules effective as of: January 1, 2024

1. Eligibility

The Campaign is organized by Westburne, a division of Rexel Canada Electrical Inc. (“Westburne”) and begins on January 1, 2024 and ends on December 31, 2024 (the “Term”). The Contest is open to licenced electrical contractors (“Customers” or “You”) who have an active and valid trading account with Westburne. For clarity, a Customer means a merchant who obtains goods or services for the purposes of his/her business. Participation in the program (“Participation”) is limited to one account per company.


i)It is the responsibility of the Customer to provide accurate communication information such as name, mobile number, e-mail, address to Westburne. You must provide your e-mail and company account number to become a Premio member and have any Premio Points credited to your account.

ii)Westburne may send alerts, telemarketing, push notifications, social media messages or promotional messages to the registered mobile phone number or e-mail provided by the Customer.

iii)By accepting these Terms and Conditions and entering into the Campaign, the Customer hereby agrees that he/she may receive, from time to time, an e-mail or SMS to the email address associated with his/her Westburne account as set forth in Westburne’s Privacy Policy (available online) and/or push notification messages to their mobile device for promotional, information and/or other purposes.

iv)Customer may opt-out of receiving marketing emails at any time by following the instructions provided in the email or as otherwise provided in Westburne’s Privacy Policy, but operational emails will still be sent to the customer as they relate his/her normal course of business.

3.Early Termination

The Campaign may end before December 31, 2024, by decision of Westburne.

4.Threshold, Earning and Redeeming Premio Points


There are five thresholds in the Campaign: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Blue (each a “Threshold”). Achieving Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Blue Threshold requires a minimum spend per year, as explained below. All members enjoy a variety of benefits made available by Westburne in its sole discretion from time to time (“Benefits”). Benefits may vary by the applicable Threshold and one Threshold may have more Benefits than others. The type, timing and availability of any Benefits, including Rewards (as defined below), special offers, sweepstakes, one-of-a-kind experiences, exclusive events and advance access to products will be determined by Westburne in its sole discretion.

Westburne may, in its sole discretion, alter, limit, or modify the Rules, benefits, eligibility for Participation, or any other feature of the Campaign in its sole discretion, without prior notice, except as expressly set out in these Rules or required by applicable law.

4.2 Premio Points

Under the Campaign, all members will have one Premio point credited to their Premio account for every Canadian dollar spent on in-stock products from our Participating Partners (a “Premio Point”). In the event Customer enters into the Campaign during the course of a month, Customer’s Premio Points shall start accruing from the first day of such month. Therefore, Customer shall be entitled to the Premio Points from the first day of the month of Customer’s enrollment until the end of the Campaign.

i)Bronze Tier

Bronze status is conferred to the Customer that accumulates a minimum of 25 000 Premio Points during the Term.

ii)Silver Tier

Silver status is conferred to the Customer that accumulates a minimum of 50 000 Premio Points during the Term.

iii)Gold Tier

Gold status is conferred to the Customer that accumulates a minimum of 100 000 Premio Points during the Term.

iv)Platinum Tier

Platinum status is conferred to the Customer that accumulates a minimum of 150 000 Premio Points during the Term.

v)Blue tier

Blue status is conferred to the Customer that accumulates a minimum of 200 000 Premio Points during the Term.

vi)      Bonus Point Event

Westburne may offer bonus Premio Points events from time to time and in that circumstance the bonus Premio Points offer would apply (“Bonus Point Event”).

4.3 Earning and redeeming points

Any reference to “merchandise“, “product” or to the value of merchandise in these Terms and Conditions for purposes of collecting Premio Points includes Westburne in-stock products from our Participating Partners sold online at and in any Westburne stores (Canada only), but only if You use your registered Westburne account and email address for the order

As part of the Benefits of being a participant, your Premio Points may be redeemed for rewards made available by Westburne from time to time in its sole discretion (“Rewards”). You are eligible to redeem Premio Points for a Reward if You have enough Premio Points in your Premio account for that specific Reward, and subject to the following Terms and Conditions. Rewards can only be redeemed online, only
if shipped to addresses in Canada.

Westburne shall keep track of all unredeemed points during the course of the campaign term. Customer shall have access to its unredeemed Premio Points, and Westburne will notify the Customer monthly by e-mail of any unredeemed points.

Rules of Campaign

1.The Campaign offers a Reward in the form of a gift which can be chosen from the Premio catalog, available on

2.   One Premio Point will be given for every dollar spent on in-stock products from our Participating Partners only during the Term.

3.The Purchases shall have to meet the following conditions:

i.Invoiced before December 31, 2024;

ii.Before taxes/freight;

iii.Exclude any and all Rockwell Automation, Inc.’s products; and

iv.Stocked items – Ship Type 1 only.

4.Customers must purchase products from any of the Participating Partners provided in the list below:

a)Eaton (all products from Eaton, Eaton Bussman and Eaton Crouse-Hinds);

b)ABB (Thomas & Betts products only);

c)Acuity (all products from Acuity);

d)Brady (all products from Brady);

e)Burndy (all products from Burndy);

f)ElectroCables (all products from ElectroCables).

g)Energizer (all products from Energizer);

h)Fluke (all products from Fluke);

i)Hubbell (all products from Hubbell);

j)Ipex (all products from Ipex);

k)Kidde (all products from Kidde);

l)Lapp Canada (all products from Lapp Canada);

m)Lutron (all products from Lutron);

n)Nexans (all products from Nexans);

o)Nvent Hoffman, Nvent Caddy, nVent Erico (all products from Nvent Hoffman, Nvent Caddy and nVent Erico);

p)Ouellet (all products from Ouellet);

q)Panduit (all products from Panduit);

r)PTI Cables (all products from PTI Cables);

s)RAB (all products from RAB);

t)Southwire (all products from Southwire);

u)Signify (Philips products only);

v)Stanpro (all products from Stanpro);

w)3M (all products from 3M);

x)Wheatland (all products from Wheatland), and

In addition to the list provided above, Customers from the province of Québec can also purchase products from the following Participating Partners:

y)Transfab (all products from Transfab);

z) Phoenix Contact (all products from Phoenix Contact); and

aa) REX Power Magnetics (all products from REX Power Magnetics). (Collectively, the “Participating Partners”)

5.Westburne may launch a Bonus Point Event, in which the Customer will be eligibleto receive double the Premio Points for certain products or product categories for  specific Participating Partners for a limited period of time.

6.To qualify for a Reward, Customers must at least achieve the Bronze status.

7.Rewards may vary according to availability and may not be exactly as pictured or as described.

8.If the stock of a Reward is depleted, the Customer shall choose another Reward that is available.

9.  The Reward is awarded in its current state, on an as is basis. Westburne is not responsible for any visible or hidden defects in the Reward or for any damage during delivery (shipping) of the Reward. Rewards must be accepted as awarded, are not transferable and cannot be substituted, returned or redeemed for cash, credit, for another product or gift card. Premio Points cannot be used as payment for any in-store paid services or our subscription programs. Westburne may, in its sole discretion, allow Premio Points to be redeemed for other benefits or items of merchandise from time to time.

10.  Westburne is not an interim between the manufacturer and the one who receives the Reward. The Rewards offered in this Campaign are covered by the manufacturers’ warranties. Westburne offers no additional warranty and shall not be liable with regard to any warranty issues, enquiries or complaints. Any issue, enquiry or complaint must be dealt directly with the manufacturer.

11.If the Reward consists of tickets for concerts, festivals, films, sports events or similar types of events and/or holidays/flights, there can be no claim on any form of compensation in case of cancellation.

12.  The Customer is able to claim the Reward up to fifteen (15) days after the Campaign ends on January 15, 2025. After this period, entitlement to the Reward automatically expires.

13.   For clarity, all unredeemed Premio Points will expire on January 15, 2025.

14.Use of the Reward is at the expense and risk of the Customer. The Customer cannot hold Westburne liable for injuries or damages caused by the use of the Reward. Further, Westburne shall not be liable for any claim, loss or damage whatsoever arising directly or indirectly out of this Campaign, and the Customer indemnifies, releases and discharges Westburne from any claim whatsoever arising out of or in connection therewith.

15.Westburne shall not be liable in the event it fails to fulfill any of its obligations under this Campaign due to flood, earthquake, storm, epidemic, pandemic or any other acts of god of similar nature, war, strike, lockout, or governmental or governmental restrictions
(including restrictions related to Covid-19) or for any other reasons beyond its control.

16.The Customer’s account must be in good standing, otherwise Westburne reserves the right to withhold the Reward.

17.Westburne reserves the right to exclude or reward a Customer, if they are not acting in conformity with Westburne’s Campaign Rules or in the event the Customer’s account is not in good standing.

18.You are responsible for all taxes payable to any tax authority as a result of your Participation in the Campaign, including collecting Premio Points and obtaining Rewards.

19.Westburne is entitled to, at its discretion and without notice:

1.Change or modify at any time the Rules specific to this Campaign, except for the Thresholds;

2.Discontinue the Campaign for any reasons without any obligation to compensate the Customers.


20.These Campaign Rules shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the province of Ontario and the federal laws applicable therein.

21.By participating, the Customer is deemed to have read, understood and agreed to these Terms and Conditions as set forth herein and to be bound by them.

22.For any questions related to this Campaign, please contact Westburne’s marketing department at the following address:

National Marketing Manager
1-1650 Notre Dame Ave.
Winnipeg, MB
R3H 0Y7

Campaign Terms and Conditions as of January 1, 2024.

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